Grant Development Process


Typical Steps for the Grant Development Process

  1. Define funding objectives, e.g. what projects you want funded
  2. Grant search to meet your strategic objectives
  3. Analysis of opportunity based on decision-criteria
  4. Decision to pursue a specific opportunity
  5. Outline, identify elements of response, support, input
  6. Develop support, partnerships, memorandums of agreement, letters of support
  7. Provide readily available existing information
  8. Gather data and information for gaps
  9. First draft
  10. Feedback, and continuous elaboration
  11. Second draft (if needed or as time permits)
  12. Continuous improvement
  13. Final draft
  14. Feedback, improvement, completion
  15. Final product and submission

These are typical steps in a grant development process, all projects are unique and our services our tailored to meet the customers specifications.

Example: a customer may desire to conduct their own grant search and develop their own support with partners to include letters of support.

After speaking with you about an opportunity we will propose a project plan/checklist for the development of a grant application, to include:  activities, responsibilities, and timelines.

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