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Organizational Harmony, Inc., provides holistic solutions from the development of your vision through the actual implementation of actions to assure you achieve that vision.

Our services include strategic planning, strategic plan implementation, strategic human resources, project management, program development and grant writing, leadership advisement, business administration, and public administration. As one of the best, most sought out grant writing companies in the United States, Organizational Harmony specializes in Educational grant writing, and customized grant writing services.


We provide the greater Rochester, upstate New York, and United States with a comprehensive set of consultants who have experience in producing successful results for non-profit organizations.

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in the following areas:

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Disclosure:  Organizational Harmony may not be able to perform work for a requesting individual or organization for several reasons, to include but not limited to: we believe we do not have the expertise to successfully complete your project, we believe you are not ready or not qualified for the specified project, or we are above our capacity to do any additional work at a given period of time.


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