Grant Ready

Organizational Harmony can help you decide if you are ready to proceed with a grant and if the grant is a good fit, to include an estimate probability of success so that you can determine your rate of return on the effort.

Your organization should have a clearly defined purpose or mission, provide a good product or service that fulfills a community need and have a credible reputation.

Funders want to know your organization is:

  • Fiscally secure
  • Well-managed
  • Provides important community services
  • Capable of managing the grant based on credible evidence
  • Experienced providing services
  • Successful relative to the proposal
  • Able to provide data to show your success

Is your project concept aligned with their mission and vision?

Does your project meet an objective of your organization and  fulfill the purposes of your organization?

Does the proposed project meet the present or future needs of your customers?

Do you have a plan or a concept and the time to develop a plan?

Do you have a champion that can lead this project?

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