Shifting the Burden

In response to a problem’s symptom, people normally tend towards a symptomatic solution, which is generally  easy and seemingly apparent.  This symptomatic solution usually only provides temporary relief. The symptomatic solution usually leads to unintentional consequences which actually reduces the tendency toward the actual fundamental solution and usually makes the situation worse and more entrenched..  The end result being that the symptomatic solution must be applied repeatedly over time, as a continuous loop. The fundamental solution must begin with the identification of the underlying cause.  This is the rub.  You can’t solve a problem until you identify the underlying cause.  People with their mental models, beliefs, and ideology often find it quite difficult to see or accept the underlying causes, even when the facts are presented to its existence.  The fundamental solution always takes longer, takes more effort, and is slow to show improvement; sometimes things even get worse before getting better, yet it is the only way to solve entrenched problems.    Shifting the Burden System