Decision Factors for Grants


Decision Criteria on Pursing a Funding Opportunity

  • Is this opportunity aligned with your: Vision, Mission, Strategies, Actions, and Objectives?
  • Are you eligible for the opportunity?
  • Do you meet the priorities of the funder?
  • Will the opportunity have a positive return on investment?
  • Do we have the time to be involved in the program development process?

20% award probability x 400,000 grant award = 80,000 Expected Value
Grant writer costs 5,000 + your time costs 9,000 = 14,000 Cost
ROI of 571% = recommend pursuing

Do you have the capacity to manage the project successfully if you are awarded?
Can you sustain the effort?

Other Considerations

  • Requirements to include matching funds
  • Competitiveness
  • Administrative requirements
  • Your ability to provide input and feedback
  • Length of support
  • Partner requirements
  • Readiness and resources availability
  • Other relevant decision making factors

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