Advanced Manufacturing Program


Congratulations to Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, Monroe I BOCES, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership, and the Rochester City School District for being awarded funding to expand their Advance Manufacturing program. The Advanced Manufacturing Middle Skills Secondary Education Project is a collaboration between all seven of the regions Career and Technical Education Centers and the advanced manufacturing community to strengthen the capacity of the region to produce skilled employees in the advanced manufacturing sector. The five partners will align their workforce development efforts to the needs of the advanced manufacturing sector. Collaborating with over 70 advanced manufacturers they will identify desired skill sets, revise their curriculum, renovate their facilities and retool their programs to increase our capacity and ability to provide employees with the skill sets for advanced manufacturing industries and address regional shortages in advanced manufacturing. The project has five key elements:

1) work with industry partners to develop skill maps that will define the skills students need to quickly succeed in middle skill jobs in advanced manufacturing;

2) work with industry partners to revise our Career and Technical Education curriculum to ensure we provide the units that are commonly sequenced for each school and to provide students with the opportunity to master the skills they will require in the workplace;

3) renovate our classrooms to create an environment similar to the those of advanced manufacturing –clean, process oriented, well-organized, functional, and safe;

4) based on input from regional advanced manufacturers and the FAME, align our equipment with regional advanced manufacturers; and

5) market the program to attract young students. This project will produce approximately 190 graduates a year to support the success of the advanced manufacturers in our region that have a great need for middle skills employees.